Neptune Precision CompositesPrecision Composite Product Development and Manufacturing


An extensive library of proven design features, material combinations, tooling methods and manufacturing processes has been developed to efficiently meet most structural, electrical and precision mechanical challenges.

For those applications that push the technical envelope, complete composite product development and composite engineering capabilities are available to meet new requirements.

Structural Composites

Structural Composites

Structural composites, from lightweight core-stiffened construction to thick-walled laminates, are designed and manufactured to exacting standards for structural efficiency and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

Examples Include: Aerodynamic fairings, structural panels, ducting, machinery housings and enclosures

Electrical Composites

Antenna Radomes

Electrical composite materials and construction techniques are applied to products that achieve a predictable response to energy throughout the electromagnetic spectrum; from conductivity to RF, microwave, infrared and x-rays.

Examples Include: Radomes, antenna system components, electronics housings, EMI enclosures, medical equipment and scientific instruments

Precision Mechanical Composites

Precision Mechanical Composites-Tolerance Measuring

Precision mechanical composite structures are produced using accurate material orientations, controlled laminate consolidation and curing, thermally-compensated tooling and CNC machining. Precise tolerances, often within 0.001 inches, are achieved in precision bonded assemblies.

Examples Include: Rotating machinery, turbine blades, dynamic components, optical assemblies and medical appliances

Integrated Assemblies

Integrated Assemblies - Panel

Integrated assemblies consisting of composite parts, machined components, specialty hardware and finishes are supplied to clients as a value added service.

A full-service sourcing and procurement function, along with proven product configuration and inventory management systems, provides the client a valuable supply chain management option.